X-ray fluorescent analyzer «MetXpert»

Handheld X-ray fluorescence analyzer of chemical elements «Metxpert» delivers the performance needed for rapid identification and accurate chemistry of a wide variety of materials including metals, alloys, in particular aluminum, magnesium, jewelry, stainless, structural, special steels, and products based on them, as well as the identification of chemical elements from sodium to americium in substances in solid, powdery and liquid (non-aggressive liquids) condition.
Key features 5 reasons to choose XRF analyzer «MetXpert»
The widest range of detectable chemical elements: from sodium to americium.
Operational flexibility: in a stationary laboratory, in a temporary or automotive laboratory, in a factory shop or in the field.
Convenience of processing the analysis results: a tablet computer with a large screen allows you to conveniently process the analysis results or switch to other programs.
Fluid approach: the operator can independently choose the mode of accuracy and speed of analysis, the tablet computer can be connected to any peripheral devices and networks, the software can be used on several working computers.
Confidence in the future: the software is supported for free throughout the life of the analyzer.
Field of application

Non-destructive quality control is the best way to prevent possible violations and their irreversible consequences. The technology of X-ray fluorescence analysis of chemical elements allows the control of metals and alloys, alloying additives and other materials. This technology allows you to control metals and alloys at all stages of the manufacture of structures up to the transfer to the customer.

The Expert X-ray analyzer is the best choice for solving these tasks:

  • Highest performance for fast and reliable metal analysis
  • Extensive customizable library of alloy and steel grades for accurate alloy identification
  • High accuracy for low cost of ownership
  • Easy to use: the user training required to operate the analyzer is minimal
  • Advanced data management: save results, create reports and export them over the corporate network or to peripheral devices
Detection range

Technical specification

Handheld X-ray analyzer «MetXpert»

The analyzer is commonly used during customs clearance and customs control of valuables and goods transported across the customs border of the Russian Federation. By Order of the Federal Customs Service of the Russian Federation No. 61 dated 27.01.2009 XRF analyzer Metxpert is used at all customs points of Russia.

The content of chemical elements in the samples is determined by the X-ray fluorescence method.

The method is based on the radiation that occurs when an electron of a chemical element passes from one energy level to another. During the analysis, XRF analyzer provokes the transition of electrons from level to level and registers the radiation that appears during these transitions. Each chemical element has its own radiation spectrum, and the radiation density makes it possible to estimate the concentration of elements in the sample under study.

The transition of electrons from level to level occurs under the action of radiation from an X-ray tube that is part of the analyzer. The radiation is detected by a semiconductor silicon detector.

The radiation quanta entering the detector cause electric current pulses with an amplitude proportional to their energy.

Amplified by the preamp of the detection unit, the current pulses enter the spectrometer, where they are processed, converted into digital form and then sent to the computer. The software processes the received information and outputs it in a user-friendly form: a spectrogram (graphic) and a table (numeric).

Сomponent parts

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XRF analyzer MetXpert
Accumulator charger for the analyzer
Power supply unit of the analyzer
Protective cap
Calibrating cap
Accumulator module
Cell for granular or liquid materials
Ultraportable PC VILIV with installed dedicated software
Power supply unit (mains-operated) for computer
Set of special keys (2 special keys)
Flash card with installation package of software
Shipping container
User manual and other documentation

The principle of operation of the components

Handheld X-ray analyzer «MetXpert»

XRF analyzer has specialized software that allows you to control the X-ray emitter and spectrometer, accumulate and store information, calibrate the device, create libraries of sample alloys, calculate measurement results and display them on a computer monitor.

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